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Al Toprani Granite is an exporter established well in all the granite types with 10 years of experience. The strong position of the company rests on the basis of an experience rich in the granite industry combined as well as a firm commitment to the satisfaction of his clientele

Our success is the result of partnerships formed with our customers. We offer them numerous advantages to buy from the source. The granite is a crystalline rock, ignée or metamorphic very hard, mainly consisted of feldspar, quartz and few quantities of dark ores. The typical finishes for the granite are polished Ice-cold surface which brings all its color and its caractere to the granite. Rectified a sweet surface with few or no brilliancy, and; thermic or singed rough surface produced by application of flame with high temperatures on the surface.

We, enterprise in partnership with our subsidiary in India Meridionale, are owners of granite quarries as well as units of treatment, equipped well to supply in granite pancakes dimensions a perfect finish. We offer granite pancakes in polished, singed and rectified finishes.

Our total range of products includes Indian all over the world popular granites of the South in the range of most high quality. We offer the international transport dedouane without additional charges with an option carry - has door.
We supply pancakes in the following range:

Length: 112 " (and the more)
Width: 67 " (and the more)
Thickness: ¾ " and 1 ¼ "

The stone has a natural product, colors, tones, etc. These variations are foreseen and are one of the reasons of his natural beauty. The tones of color can not be exactly as seen here.

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