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AL TOPRANI™ - Jute fabrics are manufactured with state of the art manufacturing facilities in India as per International Standards. Jute cloth protects vegetation from extreme freezing rain and snowfall. Widely used as soil savers and even for erosion control. Our treated jute fabrics will satisfy all of your customer needs.

Retail Pack-
  • 1m x 3m
  • 1m x 9.1m
Bulk Rolls-
  • 36” x 100 yards
  • 40” x 100 yards
  • 48” x 100 yards
  • 60” x 100 yards
  • 72” x 100 yards
    Available in master rolls of 2000 yards or more as well
    Tree Wrap Burlap-

  • 7 oz. burlap
  • Each package comes with 38" x 54" piece of burlap
  • Hook & loop allows you to easily attach more lengths
    together for larger trees
  • Wrap as tight as you desire; the bond only gets stronger!

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