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The name to recon with, offers the ideal blend of Indian and Western designer bar accessories, globally accepted, with the modern sophisticated technologies in Pursuit of Excellence, which runs in multiple models and brands to suit the customer’s specification. We are the pioneer Indian manufacturer and exporter of Stainless Steel products – Bringing you an exquisite range of cutlery items such as Cocktail shakers, Wine buckets, Champagne coolers, Ice buckets, jiggers and bar tools.

Cookware Sets
Dessert Accessories

(A) Cake Stand High Base
(B) Banana Dish
(C) Tulip sundae 6 02
(D) Sundae Cup 10 02
(E) Sundae Cup without lip 10 02
(F) Sherbit 5 02 High Gadroon Base mm
(G) Sherbit 3 1/202 High Gadroon Base mm
(H) Sherbit 3 1/202 Low Gadroon Base mm
(I) Sherbit 5 02 Low Gadroon Base mm
(J) Europe Ice Cream Cup
(k) Sherbit 11/2 02 with Base
(L) Wide Sherbit Dish 6 02
(M) Conical Sundae Cup
(N) Wide Sherbit Dish 9 02
(O) Sherbit 2 02 w/o Base
(P) Design Sherbit 5 02
(Q) Cake Stand law Base
Shakers / Pourers Plastic & Glass Ware

(A) Sugar Pourer one Tea Spoon Toper
(B) Sugar Pourer side Flop Top Stralght 12
(C) Perforated Top Straight 12 02
(D) Center Pourer Straight 12 02
(E) Cheese Shaker Perforated Top 6 02
(F) Salt Shaker Slotted Top 6 02
(G) Salt Shaker Pipe Large
(H) Salt Shaker Pipe Small
(I) 14.16 CM Ash Trayl
(J) Napkin Ringl
Cooking Tongs
(A) Sugar Tong
(B) Scissor Tong Small & Large
(C) Spaghetti Tong 0.7 mm & 1 mm Thick
(D) Utility Tong 9",12" & 16" L ( &1.2 mm)
(E) Ice Tong
(F) Pom Tong 6" , 9" , 12" (0.7 & 0.9 mm )
(G) Ice Tong Star
(H) Heavy Ice Tong

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