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Tree Wrap Burlap™ burlap plant protector is Itoprani’s one of the most innovative products designed for tree lovers. It is the easiest and fastest way to wrap trees and shrubs for winter protection from frost, snow, sun burn and wind.

Wrap It, Fasten It and Forget It!

Each sheet of Tree Wrap Burlap™ comes conveniently equipped with hook and loop fasteners. Wrap your tree or shrub in the wink of an eye without using staples, nails, frames, and even string or rope. No adjustments are needed over the course of the winter season! Additionally, Tree Wrap Burlap™ is so durable that you'll be able to reuse our product season after season - simply dry and store in the spring, and it will be ready to use again next winter!

Tree Wrap Burlap™ Has Been Tested Under The Harshest of Conditions
Our product can resist any extreme harsh weather which Mother Nature can imply from burning summers of Africa to freezing snowy winters of Europe and North America. Our wrap remains tight and intact: It will not fail in any case! We give you our word!
Tree Wrap Burlap™ details:
  • 7 oz. burlap.
  • Each package comes with one 38" x 54" piece of burlap.
  • Hook & loop allows you to easily attach more lengths together for larger trees.
  • Wrap as tight as you desire; the bond only gets stronger!

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